What Adwerx is all About.
In 1993, we opened our doors as a full-service marketing and advertising agency. But long before then, each of our team members had put in years honing their respective crafts as advertising strategists, art directors, copywriters, media buyers and marketing managers. Now together under the Adwerx Communications banner, we bring you countless years of experience that shows in everything we do.

Our clientele run the gamut from healthcare services to the music labels. While their needs are as varied as their products and services, we have the flexibility to give each client the time and attention necessary to learn the ins and outs of their day-to-day business, the competition, and the possibilities to stand out in that market. Basically, each client receives the kind of attention unheard of at other agencies, and are so satisfied that a great deal of our business comes on referral from already-existing clients.

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